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Sustainability management system

HL Klemove will strive to create economic,
environmental and social values for sustainable management.

ESG Vision

To Align Corporate Mission and
Vision With ESG Value System

To Manifest a world
Where Your Most
Comfortable Movement Is
Your Safest Moment

Strategic Direction

Corporate Direction to Achieve the ESG Vision

Attain Economic Value to Improve Corporate Value and Non-Financial Result of Social Value

ESG Management Infra

Manage Organization, Process, Short-Term
and Mid-to-Long-Term Initiatives to Implement the Action Tasks

To focus on 6 major organization
1.Governance/ Ethics 2.Environment
3.Labor Human Rights/ Safety
4.Supply Chain Management
5.Social Contributions
6.Technical Innovation Implement and
Inspect Strategic Tasks by Each Area

ESG Communication

Improve the Employee Awareness,
Provide the Performance Data Necessary for the External Stakeholders and Secure the Reliability

Improve the Employee Awareness and Provide the Necessary Outcome Data and Secure the Reliability
to the External Stakeholders