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Social Contribution

‘HL Klemove’ shares the warm heart with the world,
beyond your comfortable movement, to trust the world and move safely and comfortably.

A company that you can trust
in making the world more comfortable

Trust A trusted company
Comfort A comforting company
Together A sharing company


A trusted company

We strive to fulfill our responsibilities towards society and the people.

To embody our 'Move Together' philosophy, HL Klemove is committed to becoming a trusted company by actively supporting the community. We provide vehicles for the disabled, fund transportation cards, and donate essential goods to improve the quality of life for those facing mobility and social challenges.


A comforting company

We create a more comfortable environment through implementing eco-friendly activities.

HL Klemove is proactive in addressing climate change and ensuring ecosystem sustainability through our "Green Together" initiative. Our staff partakes in environmental preservation activities such as the pet tree sharing project, establishing pet tree forests, and plogging. We consistently strive to provide a better environment and support relief efforts to mitigate the impact of natural disasters domestically and internationally.


A sharing company

We share with society through various social contribution activities.

Through our 'Grow Together' initiative, HL Klemove invests in future leaders by funding scholarships and supporting the Happy Study Room project. Under 'Sustain Together,' aimed at addressing social challenges and fostering community collaboration, our employees voluntarily participate in services like welfare center meals, summer kimchi-making, essential supplies kits distribution, and briquette delivery. HL Klemove is constantly exploring innovative ways to serve our community, committing to societal contribution and joint efforts with the community for a sustainable tomorrow.