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Autonomous Driving
Software Full Stack

HL Klemove provides the autonomous driving S/W full stack related to active safety and parking, etc.
which is necessary for autonomous driving.

Visual image of Autonomous Driving Software Full Stack title Visual image of Autonomous Driving Software Full Stack title

Active Safety

The key philosophy of HL Klemove is safety, and we strive to create a safe world.
We are preparing to enhance the active safety level to prevent a collision when
sensing the danger of an upcoming accident by allowing the car to safely operate
the vehicle on its own and informing the driver of the danger, etc. and to realize an
autonomous driving experience that is one-step stronger.

  • Autonomous Emergency
    Braking & Steering

    A system that prevents accidents or reduces the severity of impact in front of the vehicle through emergency braking or steering.

  • Lateral Support System

    A system that prevents accidents caused by departure the driving road through steering control.

  • Speed Assist System

    A system that warn the speed limit of the road and automatically changes the speed set for the intelligent speed assistance system based on the traffic signs recognition information.

Autonomous Driving

HL Klemove’s autonomous driving system improves the driver convenience.
HL Klemove has an end-to-end autonomous driving solution, from the sensors
corresponding to the eyes to control the units corresponding to the brain of a
person, among the electronic parts similar to the nervous system of a human, and is
continuously conducting research and development.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

    A convenience system that maintains the speed and/or the distance set by the driver according to the road conditions.

  • Lane Centering assist System

    A convenience system that assists the steering control to maintain the car’s location within a lane by recognizing the lane and the car ahead.

  • HighWay Assist (HWA)

    A driving convenience integrated system with a highway partial autonomous driving technology that supports following the navigation route set by the driver.

  • Highway Pilot (HWP)

    A high-degree autonomous driving system that allows a hands-free convenient driving experience at a congested highway with repeated stop-and-go situations.


HL Klemove will help you park your car in difficult situations.
Moreover, the diverse parking solutions of HL Klemove are leading the way in reducing any
safety issues that can occur and the accident occurrence rates to guarantee safe parking.

  • Remote Parking Assist

    A system that provide the remote parking feature for convenient, safe parking and improve the convenience while getting in and out of a car.

  • Rear-Autonomous Braking

    A system that prevents accidents in the rear-end of the vehicle through emergency braking.

  • Surround view Monitoring

    A system that displays the surroundings of the subject vehicle as 2D/3D images for driving safety while driving at a low-speed.