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CEO Greeting

CEO Greeting

The recent C.A.S.E (Connectivity, Autonomous, Shared, and Electrification) megatrend has brought new challenges to the automotive industry, calling for transformation.

Therefore, HL Klemove is set to make a big step towards strengthening its positions as an autonomous driving and mobility industry leader. Driven by the solid capabilities of automotive electronics, our state of the art autonomous driving technologies incorporate advanced sensors and S/W algorithms.

Being an industry leader, we are committed to reacting to fast changing trends with agility to accelerate qualitative growth and consolidate our leadership in the market by regional business expansion.

To manifest a world where your most comfortable movement becomes your safest moment, HL Klemove promises a new future based on the fundamentals of having a frontier spirit and “Jeong do” management, moving towards creating more values for our customers and global communities with "Clever Move".

Sincere Regards,

HL Klemove
CEO Pal-Joo, Yoon

HL Klemove CEO Pal-Joo, Yoon's autograph
HL Klemove CEO Yoon Pal Joo's photo HL Klemove CEO Yoon Pal Joo's photo