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Terms and Conditions

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to stipulate the matters related to the conditions and procedures on the use of the internet consultation service (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) provided by HL Klemove (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), and the rights, obligations and the responsibilities of the Company and the users.

Article 2 (Effects of the Terms)

These terms and conditions shall become effective when publicly announced on the Company website. The Company may change these terms and conditions, and the changed terms and conditions shall become effective when publicly announced in the method of Article 7.

Article 3 (Rules Other than the Terms)

Any matters not stipulated in these terms and conditions shall be pursuant to the other relevant laws, including the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection.

Article 4 (Definitions)

The following definitions are used in these terms and conditions.

  • 1. User : The persons receiving the services provided pursuant to these terms and conditions.
  • 2. E-Mail : mail through the internet.

Article 5 (Service Changes)

The company may add or change the terms of the services, when necessary.

Article 6 (Service Suspension)

  • 1. The Company may temporarily suspend the provision of the service upon the occurrence of repair, inspection, exchange or breakdown of the information communications equipment, such as computer, etc.., or the loss of communication, etc..
  • 2. The Users shall be notified through the method pursuant to Article 7 in case of a service suspension of Paragraph 1.

Article 7 (Notice to the Users)

  • 1. The Company may notify the users through the e-mail address submitted by the users.
  • 2. The Company may provide notice to an unspecified number of users by posting on the bulletin board of the company website for over 1 week, in lieu of the individual notifications.

Article 8 (Personal Information Collection)

  • 1. The Company shall collect the minimum information necessary when collecting the information of the users to provide the service, and the information collected are as follows:
    • 1) Name
    • 2) E-mail
    • 3) Vehicle Identification Number (optional)
  • 2. When collecting individually identifiable information from the Users, the Company shall inform the Users on the matters stipulated in the relevant laws and obtain the consent of the Users.
  • 3. The personal information collected shall not be used for the purposes outside the purpose of collecting the information nor provided to a third party without the consent of the concerned User.
  • 4. The User may access his/her personal information obtained by the Company and request the correction of any errors at any time.
  • 5. The Company and/or any third party receiving personal information from the Company shall destroy the concerned personal information immediately upon achieving the purpose of collecting, or being provided with, the personal information.

Article 9 (Obligations of the Company)

  • 1. The Company shall exert the best efforts to continuously and stably provide the service pursuant to the stipulations of these terms and conditions.
  • 2. The Company shall exert the best efforts to maintain and repair the service-related equipment and to repair and restore immediately upon any breakdown.
  • 3. The Company shall not send for-profit marketing e-mails to a User who expresses his/her wishes to not receive such e-mails.
  • 4. The Company shall have in place a security system to protect the personal information of the Users for the Users to use the services safely.

Article 10 (Obligations of the Users)

  • 1. The Users shall comply with the matters notified by the Company, such as the relevant laws, these terms and conditions, information and warnings on the use, etc.., and shall not interfere with the business of the Company.
  • 2. The Users shall not conduct any profit-making activities using the Service, without the prior consent of the Company.
  • 3. The Users shall not copy, duplicate, change, translate, publish, broadcast or use in any other method, nor transfer to another the information obtained using the Service, without the prior consent of the Company.
  • 4. Upon occurrence of any changes to the personal information provided to the Company, the User shall request the Company to make changes to conform with any such changes, and the User shall be legally liable for any result from not making such a request.
  • 5. The Users shall not conduct any one of the following actions as related to the use of the Service, and the User shall be legally liable for any result from any of the following conduct.
    • 1) Act of sending spam mail by acquiring the e-mail addresses of other members
    • 2) Criminal acts or other crime-related acts
    • 3) Acts against morality and good customs
    • 4) Acts of infringing on the rights of the Company or others, including intellectual property rights
    • 5) Acts of damaging the Company or another’s honor or defamation
    • 6) Hacking or distribution of computer viruses
    • 7) Continuously sending advertising information, etc.. against the wishes of others
    • 8) All acts that may interfere with the stable operation of the Service
    • 9) Acts of changing the Service contents provided by the Company, without authorization
    • 10) Acts in violation of the relevant laws

Article 11 (Deleting Posts)

  • 1. The Company values the postings made by the Users and shall exert the best efforts to protect the posts from falsifications, damages and deletions.
  • 2. Provided, in case the Company determines that the posts within the Service made by the User violates the provisions of Article 10 or applicable under any one of the following, the Company may delete the posts without prior notice or consent of the person making such a post.
    • 1) Contents that slander another member or a third party or contents that damage the reputation with false information
    • 2) Contents against public order and morale
    • 3) Contents deemed to be connected to crimes
    • 4) Contents that infringe on the copyright and other rights of the Company or a third party
    • 5) Contents that interfere, or may interfere, with the stable operation of the Service
    • 6) Contents that criticizes the Company without basis or confirmation or distributing rumors
    • 7) Spam-type posts (example: chain letter, marketing specific website, etc..)
    • 8) Contents that disclose the personal information of another without the person’s consent
    • 9) Terms recognized as violating other relevant laws.

Article 12 (Rights and Obligations on the Posts)

All rights, including copyright, on the posts and all legal liabilities related to such posts shall vest with the User who posted such posts.

Article 13 (Vesting of the Copyrights and Restriction on the Use)

  • 1. The copyright and other intellectual property rights on the works made by the Company shall belong to the Company.
  • 2. The User shall not copy, transmit, publish, distribute, broadcast or use in other methods, nor have a third party use the information obtained from using the Service, without the prior consent of the Company.

Article 14 (Linked Webpages)

  • 1. The Company may provide a hyper-link to another company’s webpages.
  • 2. In such a case, the Company shall not have any control over the hyper-linked webpage of another company (hereinafter referred to as the “Linked Webpages”), and therefore, the Company shall not be responsible for the usefulness of the service or the documents obtained from the Linked Webpages. Moreover, the Company shall not be responsible for any problems from the transactions between the User and the Linked Webpages.

Article 15 (Prohibition on Transfer)

The Users shall not transfer, bestow or provide as collateral the rights to use the Service and other rights pursuant to these terms and conditions to another, without the prior written consent of the Company.

Article 16 (Liability for Damages)

  • 1. The Company shall be liable for any loss incurred by the User due to the Company’s intentional act or gross negligence as related to the Service provided to the User pursuant to these terms and conditions.
  • 2. The user held accountable for breach any loss incurred by the Company from the User’s breach of Article 10 and these terms and conditions.
  • 3. In case the User breaches Article 10 or other terms and conditions and the Company becomes liable to another User or a third party, the User in breach shall compensate the Company for all losses incurred thereof.

Article 17 (Exemption and Indemnification)

  • 1. The Company shall not be liable for the contents, including the accuracy and reliability, of the documents, information or facts (hereinafter referred to as the “Documents, etc..”) posted on the Service by the User, and therefore, the User shall use the Service of the Documents, etc. at his/her own responsibility. The User shall be fully and legally responsible for any disadvantages incurred in relation to the Documents, etc. posted or transmitted using the Service.
  • 2. In case a User is involved in a for-profit transaction with another User or a third party using the Service, without the consent of the Company and in breach of Article 10, the Company shall not be legally liable, and shall not be legally liable in relation to any property interests expected by the User related to the use of the Service.

Article 18 (Conflict Resolution and Governing Law)

  • 1. The Company and the User shall exert their best efforts to amicably resolve any conflicts related to the Service.
  • 2. Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph 1, in case of a lawsuit, the laws of the Republic of Korea shall govern any such lawsuits.

Article 19 (Effective Date of the Terms)

These terms and conditions shall become effective from March 1, 2022.

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